Rare Parkinson's Heroes Who Changed the World
Mr. Lloyd Tan is the icon and hero of the Parkinson's community. His spirit lives in us forever. Let us feel his energy as he guides us to live with Parkinson's, reaches out to us to give hope and inspiration.

Mr. Lloyd Tan, the founding father of the Malaysian Parkinson’s Disease Association (MPDA), passed away on 28th March 2007 at the age of 71. He had suffered from Parkinson’s Disease for 19 years.


Mr. Lloyd Tan was the first Malaysian Parkinson’s patient to open up himself to the whole world. He led the founding members of the MPDA back in 1994. The MPDA was the first Parkinson’s support group in Malaysia.


He was the first President of the MPDA (1994-1995). In 1996, he was forced to step down due to his deteriorating physical condition. Despite this, he continued to show his undying support for the Malaysian Parkinson’s community by being present at most of the functions that were held by the MPDA.


Mr. Lloyd Tan was the selfless warrior who believed in fighting for the rights of the neglected Parkinson’s community in Malaysia.