Rare Parkinson's Heroes Who Changed the World
Mr. Lloyd Tan is the icon and hero of the Parkinson's community. His spirit lives in us forever. Let us feel his energy as he guides us to live with Parkinson's, reaches out to us to give hope and inspiration.

About MNMDS (R.O.S. Reg. No. 3839-11-WKL)


a) What are Movement Disorders (MDs)?

MDs are abnormal body movements which are caused by a wide range of brain disorders. MDs consist of the following;

  • Ataxia (loss of co-ordination of body movement) – Spinocerebellar ataxia e.g. inherited disorders.
  • Dystonia (abnormal position of body parts due to excessive muscular contraction) – e.g. inherited disorders, brain injury and others.
  • Parkinsonism (conditions characterized by slowness of movement, tremor and body stiffness) – Parkinson’s disease, secondary parkinsonism, parkinsonism-plus syndrome.
  • Tremor (uncontrollable trembling of hands or legs) – Parkinsosn’s disease, Essential Tremor.
  • Dyskinesia (uncontrollable swinging of body parts) – e.g. Wilson’s disease and drug-induced side effect.
  • Myoclonus (“shock-like” contraction of muscle)
  • Restless Leg syndrome
  • Tics (abnormal muscle contraction resulting in jerky body movement and uncontrollable voice).

b) What is the impact of MDs in Malaysia?

  • It is estimated that there are 90,000-100,000 people who suffer from MDs in Malaysia. Nobody is spared – both young and old are affected by MDs.

c) Rationale for the setting up of MNMDS

  • MDs are a significant health burden in Malaysia, and result in life-long physical and mental disabilities. Therefore there is a strong need to provide support for patients with MDs.
  • Apart from Parkinson’s disease, there is currently no support group for other types of MDs in Malaysia.

d) Objectives of MNMDS

  • To provide moral support for patients with MDs.
  • To provide health education for patients with MDs, especially on the recent advances in the treatment of MDs i.e. brain surgery.
  • To raise fund for the Lloyd Tan Parkinson’s Trust Fund (provides financial assistance for Parkinson’s patients who need to undergo brain surgery as a specific treatment for Parkinson’s disease)
  • To coordinate the health-related activities for patients with MDs throughout the whole country.

e) Future Plan

  • Parkinson’s & Movement Disorders Care Centre (PMDCC)

This is a multi-purpose centre which is equipped with facilities for physiotherapy and occupational therapy, mini-library, meeting room and secretariat of MNMDS.

  • Website (www.lloydtan-trust.com)

This is the official website of Lloyd Tan Parkinson’s Trust Fund and MNMDS. It provides a comprehensive and up-to-date information on all aspects of Parkinson’s disease and MDs.

  • Quarterly newsletter

This newsletter benefits those patients who do not have access to information regarding MDs.

  • Facilitates the setting up of support groups and care centres for patients with MDs in other states of Malaysia

This is consistent with the role of MNMDS as a national coordinator of health-related activities on Parkinson’s and MDs.